Pink Pakistan aims to achieve 0% mortality rate of breast cancer in Pakistan, with a prime focus on gathering data for a National Database that can shape a strategy to counter high incidence rate of breast cancer. Followed by data collection, our already dispersed teams will execute awareness campaigns to emphasize the threats of breast cancer, to establish the importance of early detection in saving lives, and to introduce various diagnostic methods.

Pink Pakistan will ensure a single point of contact for the cure and treatments of women diagnosed with breast cancer, followed by personal counselling sessions and psychological support to ensure the overall wellbeing of these warriors. For a high reach of our programs, the Organization will invest in technology integration, allowing our services and literature to spread without any geographical limitations.

Our trustees, along with a team of exceptional volunteers, communities and youth reached through our engagement programs, aim to build institutional capacity via the strengthening of public sector health infrastructure, and setting up primary healthcare units, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals and counselling services, while establishing a link and referral mechanism with secondary and tertiary health care units for early detection, diagnosis and treatments of breast cancer.