Dr. Zubaida Qazi

Founder President 

A dedicated doctor by profession and a philanthropist at heart, Dr. Zubaida Qazi is endowed with a strong passion to serve humanity, in particular the women of her country, Pakistan. She is the founder of Pink Pakistan Trust which has been striving to improve the health and well-being of Pakistani women by fighting the ailment of breast cancer.


Dr. Zubaida Qazi has tirelessly worked to improve the infrastructure of the public health system by devising a referral mechanism and ensuring the provision of much-needed counselling services to the breast cancer patients in Pakistan. She has collaborated with Akhuwat to ensure the economic well-being of women and breast cancer survivors along with organizing entrepreneurial trainings for women at the leading universities of the country. 


To break the taboo around breast cancer in Pakistani society, Dr. Qazi has established Breast Cancer Awareness Centers in public and private sector universities including University of Karachi, Quaid-e-Azam University, Government College University (Lahore), Benazir Women University (Peshawar), University of Lahore and Superior University. She is also launching a mobile application in local languages that will assist women to do self-screening for breast cancer as well as provide free of cost consultation with national and international specialist doctors and psychiatrists.


Extending her endeavors beyond the borders, Dr. Qazi has forged an international alliance with COMSTECH OIC to create the awareness about breast cancer in the Islamic countries. She has also collaborated with HEJ (ICCBS) to support and fund breast cancer research in the country. She is committed to mobilizing the community and taking all the stakeholders on board to provide holistic support for the well-being and welfare of Pakistani women.