Spreading Awareness

We aim to build advanced and organized educational institutions including schools, colleges, and training institutes to disseminate information and knowledge about the welfare of individuals and communities. We will strive to foster and promote a culture of research in all fields of learning, including social science, arts, humanities, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, health, and education.

Youth Engagement Program

The youth is the driving force of any nation, Pakistan has an abundance of youth with more than 65 percentages. As a matter of fact, the incidence rate and diagnosis of Breast Cancer is most common among women of a younger age group in Pakistan.

This can be achieved through knowledge dissemination using social media platforms and tools which are popular amongst the younger generation including Facebook, Instagram and the social messaging platforms. Awareness of breast cancer will be created by conducting seminars, conferences, workshops, and training activities both remotely and online.

Community Engagement Programme

Spreading awareness and connecting people who are in a similar situation to help reduce feelings of anxiety, isolation or fear of Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer support groups, which can provide a sense of community, and be an opportunity to share your experiences and learn different ways of dealing with problems.

Offering online support to connect people with someone with a similar experience of breast cancer so you can share experiences on an online forum where information can be exchanged on coping with the side effects of treatment, ask questions, and share experiences concerns online.

Screening and Detection