Thousands of women lose their lives each year at the hands of breast cancer. Early detection of Breast Cancer can save innumerable lives. Pink Pakistan aims to create holistic platforms that could reach out to the most marginalized women of Pakistan. These platforms will focus on spreading awareness and educating women about their health and concerns. Pink Pakistan is laying a pivotal focus to mitigate the risks of breast cancer by providing necessary literature to the masses to increase awareness of the disease, while providing access to necessary resources that would facilitate the management and treatment of positive cases of breast cancer.

Early detection has proved to be vital for the treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer is completely treatable if diagnosed at an early stage. The following diagnostic methods have helped patients thoroughly and aided their conditions with the provision of treatment options:

• BSE – Breast Self-Examination
• Clinical Breast Examination
• Mammography Screening
• Ultrasound and MRI
• Biopsy and Lab tests

Early detection, saves lives! The patients are to be empowered regularly to follow these steps and practice the routine of Breast Self-Examination. Following the detection and diagnosis, a plan of action revolving around the patient begins at the cure and treatment stage.
Lack of awareness, is the key reason of highest incidence and mortality rate in Pakistan. In a country where speaking about health issues specifically related to women is frowned upon, urging people to take these issues seriously is an onerous task. This harsh and tragic reality aggravates the inequity surrounding women’s breast health education initiatives in the local community.